Minecraft RPG

I've just begun modding Minecraft, and I've decided to make an RPG themed mod.  Currently, my only plans are for singleplayer, but I'm thinking people would enjoy this a lot more if they could play with friends online.

Anyway, here's the premise:  my plan is to turn Minecraft into an RPG themed game by adding a main quest, NPCs, more enemies, removing the ability to mine all blocks, and adding tons of recipes for guns and items.

So, what's this blog about?  Well, it's mainly to mark my progress, post pictures and videos, gather ideas, and to help to stay on track.

Here's my current to-do list:

  • Create a new biome for villages.
  • Randomly generate cottages.
  • Create a house at the spawn.
    • Fill each house with a furnace and a workbench.
  • Disallow blocks from being mineable.
  • Develop some sort of "end goal" for the RPG.
  • Create NPCs who will attack enemies and attack you if provoked.
    • Allow NPCs to be talked to.
  • And so on

I am open to ideas, to feel free to post some suggestions.

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  1. Perhaps you could make it so only certain blocks are mineable, or an option to include them. That and vastly limited carrying capacities could have some cool tactical effects.