Poor Ideas

Looks like the majority of my ideas were implemented masterfully into the release of Minecraft.  I'm actually very happy!  I kinda wish he had incorporated my bush idea though.

O well.


Random Video

Here's a video I quickly made and uploaded to Youtube.  Not related to my mod, but you might enjoy.

Idea Stolen...

Looks like Notch was working on a new mob too...  Turns out it behaves exactly like my wolf idea.... Damn him and his awesome ideas!  You can read more about it at The World of Notch.

Idea: Leader of the Pack

Just an idea for a new Entity: wolves.

How wolves will work, while normally neutral, they will attack if provoked.  However, they can be befriended by presenting them with a bone.  Once befriended, they will follow you as long as you stay within range of them -- e.i. you don't run too fast or go some place that they can't.  If an enemy comes within range, they will help you attack them.

Fillin' Those Chests With Goodies

It's like Christmas Time and I'm f@%$ing Santa Clause.  I'm bringing you a code snippet to generate chests with items in them. That's right: it's time to open your presents.

//  Create a chest at (i,j,k).
// Get the crate entity
TileEntityChest tileentitychest = (TileEntityChest)world.getBlockTileEntity(i,j,k);
// Generate an item stack of ingot iron and stack up to 4            
ItemStack itemstack = new ItemStack(Item.ingotIron, random.nextInt(4) + 1); 
//  Add that stack to the chest
tileentitychest.setInventorySlotContents(random.nextInt(tileentitychest.getSizeInventory()), itemstack);

What are the results?


Here we see the new Bush generator to give more variety in landscapes.
I plan on making them grow slowly over time.

Here we see a new way of getting health: apples.  Although already implemented in the game,
apples were extremely rare.  Now, they are randomly dropped from trees and give one (1) heart of

Here we see a terrain generated house.  It still needs a better roof, better flat terrain detection,
and a door.... but, it's prebuilt protection!

Here we see the inside of the house, all that's missing is a bed.